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Isolation of sixteen autosomal loci and a sex-linked polymorphic microsatellite locus from the Milne-Edwards’ sportive lemur (Lepilemur edwardsi)


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We isolated 21 microsatellites from the Milne-Edwards’ sportive lemur, Lepilemur edwardsi. Eighteen microsatellite sequences possessed sufficient flanking DNA for primer design. Seventeen loci amplified and were found to be polymorphic displaying two to 17 alleles in 32 unrelated individuals from a population from the National Park of Ankarafantsika in northwest Madagascar. One locus (Led-12) was found to be sex linked located on the X chromosome and can be used to sex-type 40% of female L. edwardsi lemurs. These 17 loci were characterized to investigate family structure and the phylogeography of L. edwardsi.