• Antheraea assama;
  • EST-SSRs;
  • genetic variation;
  • genomic-SSRs


Antheraea assama, an economically important and scientifically unexplored Indian wild silkmoth, is unique among saturniid moths. For this species, a total of 87 microsatellite markers was derived from 35 000 expressed sequence tags and a microsatellite-enriched sub-genomic library. Forty individuals collected from Tura and West Garo Hills region of Northeast India were screened for each of these loci. Ten loci from expressed sequence tags and one from genomic library were found to be polymorphic. These microsatellite markers will be useful resources for population genetic studies of A. assama and other closely related species of saturniids. This is the first report on development of microsatellite markers for any saturniid species.