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Isolation of 11 polymorphic tri- and tetranucleotide microsatellite loci in a North American sedge (Carex scoparia: Cyperaceae) and cross-species amplification in three additional Carex species


Andrew Hipp, Fax: 630-719-2433; E-mail:


We report on the isolation and evaluation of 11 microsatellites from a widespread eastern North American wetland sedge, Carex scoparia. Loci exhibit 3–9 alleles over five populations and significant FIS (0.204–0.717) in most populations. All primers cross-amplify in at least two other species, and 10 cross-amplify in the more distantly related C. stipata. These markers will be used to examine population genetics and patterns of chromosomal diversification in this ecologically important sedge species and its relatives.