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Identification and characterization of microsatellite loci in Intsia palembanica (Leguminosae), a valuable tropical timber species


Dr Fook Tim Chew, Lee Hiok Kwee Functional Genomics Laboratories, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, 14 Science Drive 4, Singapore 117543, Singapore. Fax: +65-67792486; E-mail:


We present 25 polymorphic microsatellite loci for Intsia palembanica, a highly valued timber species in the Indo-Malayan region, Australia and western Pacific islands. Microsatellite loci were tested for polymorphism across a total of 76 individuals from three natural populations from Irian Jaya, Indonesia. The average number of alleles for these microsatellites was 12.1 per locus, ranging from four to 19. The observed heterozygosity within the natural populations ranged from 0.01 to 0.96. The markers will enable us to evaluate the spatial–temporal population genetic structure and gene flow dynamics among populations. They can also be used for tracking and tracing wood from legally logged concessions.