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Ten novel microsatellite loci characterized for a remarkably widespread fish: Galaxias maculatus (Galaxiidae)


Cecilia Carrea, Fax: +1 902 494 3736; E-mail:


Ten polymorphic microsatellite markers (five tetra-, one compound tetra-, one octa- and three dinucleotides) were isolated and characterized for Galaxias maculatus, a fish species widely distributed in the Southern Hemisphere. Markers were tested in 89 individual samples from a single location and the number of alleles ranged between 2 and 28. Observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0.103 to 0.910 and 0.098 to 0.935 respectively. No evidence was detected for either linkage disequilibrium (P-values > 0.05 for each locus pair) or deviations from HWE (P-values > 0.05 for every loci).