Developing a series of conservative anchor markers and their application to phylogenomics of Laurasiatherian mammals


Guang Yang, Tel/Fax: 86 25 85891163;


The availability of numerous universal markers and suitable phylogenetic analysis methods are both very important for phylogenomics inference. Based on PCR amplification, a total of 122 markers, which were amplified in 19 representative species, were developed for Laurasiatherian phylogenomics. Subsequently, we illustrated the utility of these newly developed markers using a subset of eight markers. We showed that both ‘supermatrix’ and ‘supertree’ trees generated similar topology, which accorded with the current understanding of the Laurasiatherian phylogeny in most aspects. Thus, markers developed here would be likely to make a contribution to resolving evolutionary relationships and inferring evolutionary histories of the Laurasiatherian mammals in the future.