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SNP detection in Na/K ATP-ase gene α1 subunit of bisexual and parthenogenetic Artemia strains by RFLP screening


Ramin Manaffar, Fax: 04413440295;


In order to find a marker for differentiating between a bisexual and a parthenogenetic Artemia strain, Exon-7 of the Na/K ATPase α1 subunit gene was screened by RFLP technique. The results revealed a constant synonymous SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) in digestion by the Tru1I enzyme that was consistent with these two types of Artemia. This SNP was identified as an accurate molecular marker for discrimination between bisexual and parthenogenetic Artemia. According to the Nei’s genetic distance (1973), the lowest genetic distance was found between individuals from Artemia urmiana Günther 1890 and parthenogenetic populations, making the described marker the first marker to easily distinguish between these two cooccurring species.