Fig. S1 Average proportion, across 13 wild populations, of correctly assigned individuals of Atlantic salmon as of farm or wild origin for different number of loci, based on one set of SNPs identified from FST estimates between a pool of wild and a pool of farm populations (black circles), and 13 different sets of SNPs, each generated from from FST estimates between a pool of wild and a pool of farm population, where one by one wild population were excluded (white diamonds).

Fig. S2 Allele frequencies in wild populations (white bars) and farmed populations (black bars) at the top four ranked loci discriminating between farmed and wild salmon.

Table S1 Single nucleotide polymorphism id (SNP-id) and their corresponding NCBI assay ID (ss#) in the NCBI, dbSNP database, ranked according to their performance in discriminating between farm and wild Atlantic salmon.

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