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jMHC: software assistant for multilocus genotyping of gene families using next-generation amplicon sequencing


Michał T. Stuglik, fax: (012) 664 69 12; E-mail :


Genotyping of multilocus gene families, such as the major histocompatibility complex (MHC), may be challenging because of problems with assigning alleles to loci and copy number variation among individuals. Simultaneous amplification and genotyping of multiple loci may be necessary, and in such cases, next-generation deep amplicon sequencing offers a great promise as a genotyping method of choice. Here, we describe jMHC, a computer program developed for analysing and assisting in the visualization of deep amplicon sequencing data. Software operates on FASTA files; therefore, output from any sequencing technology may be used. jMHC was designed specifically for MHC studies but it may be useful for analysing amplicons derived from other multigene families or for genotyping other polymorphic systems. The program is written in Java with user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) and can be run on Microsoft Windows, Linux OS and Mac OS.