Fig. S1 Concatenated ATP6 and COI neighbor-joining dendogram (201 samples, 313 bp).

Fig. S2Cytochrome b neighbor-joining dendogram (703 samples, 110 bp).

Table S1 Compilation of peer reviewed articles in which identification of carnivore samples was undertaken via molecular methods.

Table S2 Reference sequences used to design the internal forward primer BC-F2 for the amplification of a 239 bp COI segment.

Table S3 Samples sequenced for assembling a reference database.

Table S4 Additional PCR and sequencing trials shown by group of species within families.

Table S5 Success of sequencing faecal DNA extracted from zoo carnivores that were fed with rabbit prior to sample collection.

Table S6 Putative maned wolf scats analyzed for interference of prey DNA in predator identification.

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