Multiplexed microsatellite markers for genetic studies of beech


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European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) is one of the economically most important broadleaved tree species in Europe and has become a model for studying climate change effects on forests. Multiplex PCR of microsatellites is a fast and cost-effective technique allowing high-throughput genotyping. Here we present the procedure used to develop two multiplex kits (8-plexes) for European beech. We paid particular attention to quality control throughout all steps of the multiplex kits development (null allele detection, error rate measurements, linkage disequilibrium). Preliminary assays suggest that the 16 amplified loci are largely devoid of null alleles and allow rapid and cost-effective genotyping of beech with low error rates. The two kits, which differ in their levels of polymorphism, most likely due to marker origin, were also informative in seven other beech species tested.