Data S1 Material and methods.

Fig. S1 Bioanalyzer profiles for double stranded cDNA libraries for sponge samples showing (a) a tight band of targeted size with high cDNA concentration (profile 1), (b) a tight band of targeted size with ‘bumps’ of smaller (in this case) or larger fragments; i.e., poor quality (profile 2), (c) no bands (profile 3), (d) a tight band of targeted size with low cDNA concentration (profile 4).

Table S1 Next Generation Sequencing outcome from trials of cDNA library construction.

Table S2 Statistical results for all the analyses performed to assess the effects of preservation method (fixative), storage time, and species on the quantity and quality of mRNA.

Table S3 Means ±  standard deviations of the mRNA yield and the quality parameters A260/230 and A260/280 ratios for all variables studied.

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