Table S1 Details of microsatellite markers of potential utility for the house sparrow and their chromosomal locations in the zebra finch genome.

Table S2 Untested primer sets for 26 house sparrow microsatellite loci (including 23 uncharacterised loci).

Table S3 Primer sets for multiplex genotyping of house sparrows.

Table S4 Allele size ranges observed in other populations of house sparrows.

Table S5 Unpublished primer sequences of loci suitable for genotyping the house sparrow.

Table S6 Genotypes of Z-linked and W-linked loci amplified in the house sparrow.

Table S7 Genotypes of house sparrow loci amplified in zebra finch and Berthelot’s pipit.

Table S8 Multiplexed genotypes of 48 house sparrows belonging to the Morthen population.

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