Table S1 Number and percentages of unique best BLASTx matches of 454 EST contigs, singletons, and the combined sequence set to UniRef50 grouped by taxonomic category.

Table S2 Numbers of di-, tri-, and tetranucleotide simple sequence repeats (SSRs) occurring in contigs and singletons.

Table S3 Locus length and primers sequences.

Fig. S1 The distribution of read lengths resulting from pyrosequencing of a normalized cDNA template on 1.25 plate runs on the 454 GS XLR Titanium platform.

Appendix S1 Primer sequences, annealing temperatures, product size, repeat motif, number of repeats and expected product lengths for 15,278 SSRs detected in T.  cristinae pyrosequenced ESTs.

Appendix S2 Primer sequences, annealing temperatures, product size and expected product lengths for 14,002 regions of ~500 bp with suitable priming sites detected in T.  cristinae pyrosequenced EST contigs.

Appendix S3 Metadata associated with Sanger-sequenced nuclear DNA and mtDNA.

Appendix S4 Study system.

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