Data S1. Genotype data for allopatric controls.

Data S2. Genotype data for hybrid controls.

Data S3. Sequence Information for molecular markers.

Data S4. Genotype data for tadpoles sampled.

Table S1 Xenopus scaffolds and linkage groups for nuclear markers developed to distinguish Spea multiplicata, Spea bombifrons, and their hybrids.

MEN_3150_sm_AllopatricControls-data1.txt4KSupporting info item
MEN_3150_sm_HybridControlsdata2.txt1KSupporting info item
MEN_3150_sm_Pfennigetal-SupplementalSequencesdata3.txt13KSupporting info item
MEN_3150_sm_TableS1.docx96KSupporting info item
MEN_3150_sm_TadpolesSampleddata4.txt46KSupporting info item

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