Table S1 List of the 24 genes used for primerdesign. Information is provided with regard to the alignment lengthused for primer design; the percentage of variable andparsimony-informative sites without the outgroup; the number ofpolymorphic sites (SNPs), the location in the different species andits percentage including the outgroup; average p-distancecalculated with complete deletion and without the outgroup; itsrange and SE calculated with 500 bootstrap replicates; and averagep-distance including only base pairs from exon or intron withoutthe outgroup; the recommended model from JMODELTEST 0.1.1 on the basis of the Bayesian information criterion (BIC) with its computed likelihood scores; the GO terms from annotated fish sequences from UniProtKB (The UniProt Consortium (2012) Reorganizing the protein space at the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt).

Table S2 List of the 24 genes used for primerdesign. Information about the number of successful PCR andsequencing reactions; further used sequences and their Accessionnumber of GenBank or other source; the percentage of missing data(due to sequencing errors); used annealing temperature in the PCRand used Taq polymerase; +/+ designates successful PCR andsequencing reaction, −/− both unsuccessful, +/− PCR successful and sequencing unsuccessful; indicating possible reason for failed sequencing reaction.

Table S3 List of used species, 24 markers and GenBank Accession numbers (asterisks indicate the usage of other unpublished primer pairs)

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