Building the perfect beast: complex mouse models teach surprisingly simple melanoma lessons


  • Coverage on: Dankort, D., Curley, D.P., Cartlidge, R.A., Nelson, B., Karnezis, A.N., Damsky Jr, W.E., You, M.J., Depinho, R.A., McMahon, M. and Bosenberg, M. (2009). BRafV600E cooperates with Pten silencing to elicit metastatic melanoma. Nat. Genet. doi: 10.1038/ng.356.
    Dhomen, N., Reis-Filho, J.S., da Rocha Dias, S., Hayward, R., Savage, K., Delmas, V., Larue, L., Pritchard, C. and Marais, R. (2009). Oncogenic BRAF induces melanocyte senescence and melanoma in mice. Cancer Cell 15, 294–303.

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