Figure S1. (A) Examples of mice with different hair color and their respective genotypes. (B) Examples of matings and their offspring. As Ay/Ay mice were lethal, the mating on the right produces offspring with the same genotype as their parents.

Figure S2. (A) Strategies to produce SIK2-knockout mice. (B) Southern blot analysis of mouse DNA with different SIK2 genotypes. (C) PCR analysis of mouse DNA. (D) Confirmation of the loss of SIK2 protein in SIK2-knockout mice. As SIK2 is abundantly expressed in white adipose tissue (WAT) or brown adipose tissue (BAT), we isolated these tissues and performed immunoprecipitation followed by Western blot analyses.

Figure S3. Strategy to introduce the SIK2-/- genotype into Ay/a mice. Representative F2 mice (4-weeks-old) are shown (left).

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