Melanoma Tissue Microarray (TMA) Cohort and Data Repository


  • David L. Rimm M.D., Ph.D.

Contact: David L. Rimm, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Pathology, Director, Yale Pathology Tissue Services, Department of Pathology, Rm 116, Yale University School of Medicine, 310 Cedar Street PO Box 208023, New Haven, CT 06520-8023, USA

Tissue microarrays are an easy method for the assessment of multiple tissue specimens on a single slide. The Yale Pathology Tissue Services subdivision for TMAs produces a range of TMAs, including a number of TMAs of pigmented cell lesions. They are available on a cost recovery basis depending on availability and source. The investigator that builds the array controls its usage, but some arrays are built by the facility and are widely distributed. The list of TMAs can be found by clicking on inventory at the website. Slides may be ordered online. Policies and cost recovery fees can be downloaded.

The pigmented lesion TMAs are summarized below

  1. *Two new cohorts are in the construction process, one composed of entirely primary tumors and one of entirely of metastatic tumors. These will be available only by collaboration sometime in 2011.

TMA#Specimen typenInvestigatorReferencesStatus
YTMA20Melanoma (mixed primary and mets)<300 left annotatedNone(Berger et al., 2003; Kielhorn et al., 2003)Largely exhausted
YTMA-33Metastatic melanoma100 cases, twofold redundant, unannotatedDavid Rimm(Kluger et al., Melanoma Research 2004Kluger et al., 2004a,b)Available
YTMA-59*Melanoma (mixed primary and mets)510 cases; high quality annotatedDavid Rimm & Harriet Kluger(Berger et al., 2004; DiVito et al., 2004) (Kluger et al., 2004) (Berger et al., 2005) (Chien et al., 2009)Largely exhausted, few slides available through collaboration
YTMA-66Nevi (junctional and compound)384 cases; unannotatedHarriet Kluger(Aziz et al., 2009; Kluger et al., 2007; McCarthy et al., 2006)Available through collaboration
YTMA-76Melanoma (primary only, mostly stage 2)250 cases: high quality annotatedDavid Rimm(Rothberg et al., 2009)Available through collaboration
YTMA-98Small Progression Array20 nevi, 20 melanoma, 20 metastatic melanomaNone(Rothberg et al., 2008) (Horst et al., 2009)Available
YTMA-100Melanoma143; from clinical trial at U Penn, annotatedHarriet Kluger(Jilaveanu et al., 2009)Available through collaboration only
YTMA-101Melanomas with TILs120 cases; minimal annotationRobert Camp Available
YTMA-170Progression Test Array12 nevi 12 melanoma 12 metastatic melanomaNone Available