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(Mela)statin’ the not so obvious: tumor suppressor hidden in intron


  • Coverage on: Mazar, J., Deyoung, K., Khaitan, D., Meister, E., Almodovar, A., Goydos, J., Ray, A., and Perera, R.J. (2010). The regulation of miRNA-211 expression and its role in melanoma cell invasiveness. PLoS ONE 5, e13779.
    Levy, C., Khaled, M., Iliopoulos, D., Janas, M.M., Schubert, S., Pinner, S., Chen, P.H., Li, S., Fletcher, A.L., Yokoyama, S., et al. (2010). Intronic miR-211 Assumes the Tumor Suppressive Function of Its Host Gene in Melanoma. Mol Cell 40, 841–849.

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