Data S1. Melanoma/Tissue paraffin embedding.

Data S2. Embedding melanoma/tissue in Tissue-Tek.

Data S3. Establishing melanoma cell lines in culture from mouse tumors.

Data S4. Level of melanin in cells in culture.

Data S5. Tyrosinase assay.

Data S6. RT qPCR from cultured melanoma cells.

Data S7. Single cell migration assay using time-lapse video-microscopy.

Data S8. Tissue genotyping – quick DNA extraction followed directly by PCR.

Data S9. RT-qPCR from tissue sample.

Data S10. Eosin/Haematoxylin coloration on skin or melanoma paraffin sections.

Data S11. Immunostaining on cryosections.

Data S12. BrdU incorporation followed by tissue-tek embedding and immunostaining.

PCMR_907_sm_datas10-Protocol10.doc51KSupporting info item
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PCMR_907_sm_datas6-Protocol6.doc69KSupporting info item
PCMR_907_sm_datas7-Protocol7.doc36KSupporting info item
PCMR_907_sm_datas8-Protocol8.doc32KSupporting info item
PCMR_907_sm_datas9-Protocol9.doc68KSupporting info item

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