Data S1. Material and Methods.

Figure S1. Measurement of BCSC-1 and BCSC-1short expression in melanoma samples.

Figure S2. Validation of the lentiviral system used for BCSC-1 and BCSC-1short overexpression in melanoma cell lines.

Figure S3. BCSC-1 affects proliferation and migration in vitro.

Figure S4. Analysis of BCSC-1 overexpression on transcription and meta-analysis of its correlations.

Table S1. Example of genes and cellular functions deregulated by BCSC-1 overexpression in Mewo.

Table S2. Mutational status of melanoma cell lines used in the study. Information on mutational status was found in published data for HeLa, Mewo, SK Mel 23 and WM293A.

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