Table S1: Timber species and volumes extracted from ∼310,000 ha of Dipt. dominated lowland rainforest in Sabah, Malaysia

Table S2: Auction prices for species felled in logging records

Table S3: Cost estimates for conventional logging practices in Dipt. dominated lowland rainforests—Malaysia

Table S4: Results for testing the role of distance from primary forests for our biodiversity results

Figure S1: The only model for testing distance effect with P-value <0.1 was understory birds for total species richness (R2 =0.26, F1,10=3.6, P &equals; 0.87). This suggested a positive relationship with distance, i.e., not supportive of rescue effects. Y-axis is total abundance of understory birds, Filled markers represent once-logged forests, and open markers represent twice-logged forests.

Supplementary References

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