Table S1: Sockeye salmon populations used in the analyses.

Table S2: Summary of model selection statistics for analyses of hypotheses for declines in productivity of Fraser River sockeye salmon, ordered by small-sample Akaike Information Criterion (AICc).

Table S3: Root mean square error (RMSE) of mean predicted and observed Fraser River sockeye productivity (for populations that migrate along the ECVI) based on combinations of hypothesized drivers of sockeye dynamics (Hypothesis).

Table S4: Multimodel averaged parameter estimates (coefficient), standard errors (SE), and relative variable importance (RVI) for variables appearing in the top set of hypotheses in SI Table 2 (ΔAICc < 4).

Table S5: Correlation matrix of independent variables used in analyses of sockeye salmon productivity.

Figure S1: Map of coastal out migration routes of juvenile sockeye salmon.

Figure S2: Autocorrelation in residuals from the fit of the full model, by population.

Supplementary References

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