• tumors;
  • lymphoma;
  • perivascular;
  • malignant of the eye and the brain

A case of malignant lymphoma (reticulosarcoma) of the eye and brain is reported in a 66-year-old man presenting clinically as bilateral uveitis. In the brain, the tumor was confined to the perivascular spaces and in the retina, tumor tissue was found round the retinal vessels, diffusely in the retina, in the subretinal space and to a very limited extent round choroidal vessels. It is postulated that originally the eye tumor was located in the perivascular spaces of the retina with secondary breaks into the other localizations.

It is suggested that this is a specific disease entity, different from the secondary affection of the eye in generalized lymphomas.

The nomenclature should be brought into accordance with the classification of malignant lymphomas advocated by Rappaport (1966) and it is suggested that the condition be designated as perivascular malignant lymphoma, histiocytic type, confined to the eye and brain.