Predictive value of Lang two-pencil test, TNO stereotest, and Bagolini glasses. Orthoptic examination of an adult group


Herluf Trollesvej 22, DK-4700 Naestved, Denmark.


Abstract In our comparitive study of a Rodenstock sight-screener and a clinical eye examination, an orthoptic examination was included. The present study describes the orthoptic examination of 109 subjects and evaluates the predictive diagnostic value of Lang two-pencil test, TNO stereotest and Bagolini striated glasses. We found 14 orthoptic pathological cases most of which could be revealed by an accurate cover test. The TNO stereotest and the Bagolini glasses have high predictive diagnostic values of negative and even of positive tests. If one of these tests is used as a supplement to the ophthalmological examination and anamnesis, we find it to be a valuable hint of orthoptic normality or abnormality. If an orthoptic pathology is suggested, this must be followed by a complete orthoptic examination concerning diagnosis and treatment.