A new storage medium for pre-cut donor tissue for DSAEK in eye bank



Purpose To evaluate the efficacy of a new storage medium able to avoid swelling the donor cornea before the microkeratome cut in eye bank routine setting

Methods The Eusol-C (Alchimia s.r.l.,Italy) storage medium and a modified storage medium (only for experimental use,Alchimia) were used to store two different sets of donor corneas (n=12).Before the microkeratome cut,corneas were stored in Eusol-C (n=6) while the controlateral donor corneas were stored in the modified medium (M.M.) (n=6).Donor lenticules were created with a full pass of microkeratome blade which resulted in a posterior lamella and a free cap.Endothelial cell density,cellular viability and corneal thickness by AS-OCT (VisanteTM,Carl Zeiss) were evaluated before dissection,4,24 and 48 hours after dissection.

Results Endothelial cell density and cellular viability were well preserved during the time course in both storage medium.Pachymetry values, after the microkeratome cut did not show significant variations during the time course.Conversely significant differences were found between the two groups (p<0,05).Average corneal thickness immediately before dissection was 659+/-38,08 microns and 537,83+/-24,78 microns in Eusol-C and in M.M. respectively.Immediately after dissection, thickness of the residual posterior bed was 247,83+44,13 (Eusol-C)and 143,6+24,96(M.M.)microns.After 4, 24 and 48 hours was 238,5+41; 238,83+42,73 and 232,83+39,01 microns respectively in Eusol-C.Instead in M.M. after 4, 24 and 48 hours was 141,2+24,92;145,6+22,35 and 157,2+30,40 microns respectively.The M.M. was able to reduce,on the controlateral corneas,the thickness of 100 microns in average.

Conclusion The M.M.was capable of preventing corneal tissue swelling during storage of pre-cut tissue for DSAEK.