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Les Tendances Démographiques au Canda et aux Etats-Unis



Canada and the United States show parallel curves in the high birth rate subsequent to world War II and its decline in the 1960's; tendencies for younger ages at marriage and childbearing and associated moves to the suburbs in early adulthood and back when the children go to college; a higher participation of older women in the labour force (which ties in with earlier childbearing); historic declines of the death rate at ages UP to 70 or so, and especially of infant mortality, which seem to have given way to a flattening of the curve at most ages. On the whole, the United States has a higher nuptiality, a lower marital fertility, and a slightly higher mortality than Canada The result, for 1962, is given in the net reproduction rate calculated for women: 1.720 for Canada, and 1.633 for the United States. The Canadian advantage is in part offset by slower turnover, the Canadian generation being longer by about one-and one-third years.