On The Question of Developing a Sociology of the Canadian Family: A Methodological Statement


  • *Based on a statement presented at the eleventh annual meetings of The Western Association of Sociology and Anthropology (WASA), Banff, Alberta, December 1969.


Recently I had the opportunity of attending a special session of the “Sociology of Family” at the national meetings of our association. The chairman had arranged this session in part to discuss the means through which a “Sociology of the Canadian Family” could be developed fruitfully. To this end a select group of teachers and researchers in this field had been invited. Those present included some of the best known sociologists in the area of the family in Canada.

After the chairman suggested arranging a seminar of national scope a really enthusiastic discussion followed which, in the manner of many discussions in this part of the world, was focused more on the periphery of the problem than on its centre. As a result the session ended inconclusively and in confusion.