Book Reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

Helen c. Abell, Rural Families and Their Homes.

Carle C. Zimmerman and Garry W. Moneo, The Prairie Community System

Anthony H. Richmond, Research Report: Ethnic Residential Segregation in Metropolitan Toronto.

Carle C. Zimmerman and Richard E. Duwors (eds.), Sociology of Underdevelopment.

D. I. Davies and Kathleen Herman (eds.), Social Space: Canadian Perspectives.

Thomas A. Hockin (ed.), Apex of Power: The Prime Minister and Political Leadership in Canada

Harold Kalant and Oriana Josseau Kalant, Drugs, Society and Personal Choice.

C. F. Grindstaff, C. L. Boydell, and P. C. Whitehead (eds.), Population Issues in Canada.

W. E. Mann (ed.), Social Deviance in Canada.

Jean Leonard Elliott (ed.), Minority Canadians, volume 1. Native Peoples.

Jean Leonard elliott (ed.), Minority Canadians, volume 2. Immigrant Groups.

John R. Hofley and Paul N. Geisel, Men on Relief. A Study of 440 Unemployed Men Receiving Social Assistance in Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa.

Michael Bliss, ed., The Wretched of Canada. Letters to R. B. Bennett 1930–1935.