Book Reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

ANNE-MARIE HENSHEL, Se Structure. Don Mills: Longman, 1973

EDMUND w. BRADWIN, The Bunkhouse Man.

JOHN MACDOUGALL, Rural Life in Canada: Its Trend and Tasks.

LEE GUEMPLE (ed.), Alliance in Eskimo Society, Proceedings of the American Ethnological Society, 1971

S. CRYSDALE and C. BEATTIE, Sociology Canada: An Introductory Te t.

PIERRE MARANDA, Introduction to Anthropology: A Self-Guide.

HILARY STEWART, Artifacts of the Northwest Coast Indians

JOHN O'NEILL, Sociology as a Skin Trade.

DIMITRIOS i. ROUSSOPOULOS (ed.), The Political Economy of the State: Canada/Quebec/U.S.A.

ANTHONY H. RICHMOND, assisted by MICHAEL LYON and SYLVIA HALE, Migration and Race Relations in an English City: A Study in Bristol

R. FULFORD, D. GODFREY, and A. ROTSTEIN, Read Canadian: A Book About Canadian Books.

R. CHODOS and N. AUF DER MAUR (eds.), Quebec: A Chronicle 1968–1972.

M. STAROWICZ and R. MURPHY (eds.), Corporate Canada: 14 Probes into the Workings of a Branch-Plant Economy.

K. CAMERON et al., She Named It Canada.

j. LORIMER, A Citizen's Guide to City Politics.

GEORGES EDOUARD BOURGOIGNIE, Les Hommes de I'eau: ethno-ecologie du Dahomey lacustre.

GILLES PAQUET et JEAN-PIERRE WALLOT, Patronage et pouvoir dans le Bas-Canada (1794–1812).

YVES LAMARCHE, MARCEL RIOU, ROBERT SEVIGNY, Alienation et ideologic dans la vie quotidienne des Montrealais francophones.

MICHEL VERDON, Anthropologic de la colonisation au Quebec: Le dilemme d'un village du Lac Saint-Jean.