Book Reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

JANET MORCHAIN, Sharing a Continent: An Introduction to Canadian-American Relations.

MARYLEE STEPHENSON (ed.), Women in Canada.

BRENDA E.F. BECK, Peasant Society in Koṅku: A Study of Right and Left Subcastes in South India.

PIERRE MARANDA and ELLI KÖNGÄS MARANDA, Structural Analysis of Oral Tradition.

SHEILAGH HODGINS MILNER and HENRY MILNER, The Decolonization of Quebec.

SALLY M. WEAVER, Medicine and Politics among the Grand River Iroquois.

JOEL A. LOKEN, Student Alienation and Dissent.

JOHN W. ADAMS, The Gitksan Potlatch: Population Flux, Resource Ownership and Reciprocity.

E.A. FATTAH, A Study of the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment with Special reference to the Canadian Situation

RICHARD ALLEN (ed.), A Region of the Mind: Interpreting the Western Canadian Plains.

RICHARD L. HENSHEL and ANNE-MARIE HENSHEL, Perspectives On Social Problems.

GILLES LANE, L'urgence du présent. Essai sur la culture et la contre-culture.