Book reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

REGNA DARNELL, Readings in the History of Anthropology.

PIERRE MARANDA, French Kinship: Structure and History.

FREDERICK ELKIN, Rebels and Colleagues.

CATO WADEL, Now, Whose Fault Is That? The Struggle for Self-Esteem in the Face of Chronic Unemployment.

FRANCESS G. HALPENNY, General Editor Dictionnaire biographique du Canada

ELIZABETH GOUDIE, Woman of Labrador.

MADELEINE FERRON, Les Beaucerons, ces insoumis: Petite histoire de la Beauce, 1735-1867.

PETER C.W. GUTKIND, The Emergent African Urban Proletariat

KATHLEEN GOUGH and HARI P. SHARMA, eds., Imperialism and Revolution in South Asia.

SZYMON CHODAK, Societal Development: Five Approaches with Conclusions from Comparative Analysis.

MICHIEL HORN and RONALD SABOURIN, eds., Studies in Canadian Social History.

p. CAPPON, Conflit entre les Néo-canadiens et les francophones de Montréal.

IRVING MARTIN ABELLA, Nationalism, Communism and Canadian Labour

HAROLD FALLDING, The Sociology of Religion: An Explanation of the Unity and Diversity in Religion.

MILDRED A. SCHWARTZ, Politics and Territory: The Sociology of Regional Persistence in Canada.


PIERRE DESRUISSEAUX, Le livre des proverbes québécois.