Book Reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

Department of Manpower and Immigration, Canadian Immigration and Population Study, Volumes 1–4.

Howard Palmer (Ed.), Immigration and the Rise of Multiculturalism

Gerald L. Gold, Strint Prrscd: Clitinging Lrtrdcrsliip & Sockrl Orgtrnization In a Quebec Town

Niels Winther Braroe, Indian & White: Self-Image and Intcruction in a Canadian Plain Community

W.T. Stanbury, assisted by Jay H. Siegel, Success arid Failure: Indians in Urban Society

J.S. Frideres, Canada's Indians: Contemporary Conflicts

D.B. Fields and W.T. Stanbury, The Economic Impact of The Public Sector upon the Indians of British Colrrmbia: An Examination of the Incidence of Taxation and Expenditure of Three Levels of Golxernment

David Flint, The Htttterites: A Study in Prejudice

Pat Duffy Hutcheon, A Sociology of Canadian Edrrcation

Marion R. Porter, John Porter Be Bernard R. Blishen, Does Money Matter? Prospects for Higher Education

Craig L. Boydell, Paul C. Whitehead, and Carl F. Grindstaff (eds.). The Administration of Criminal Justic in in Canada

Elia Zureik and Robert M. Pike (Eds.). Socialization and Values in Canadian Society. Volume One: Political Socialization

R. Boily, A. Dubuc, F.M. Gagnon Et M. Rioux, Données sur le Que'bec, avec une division par J.-c. Bonenfant

Explorations in Communication, Volume I, no. I

Tom Mc Feat, Small-Group Cultures

Bernard Devault et Benoct Levesque, eléments pour une sociologie des communautés religieuses au Québec