Book reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

Wallace Clement. The Canadian Corporate Elite: An Analysis of Economic Power.

Dennis Forcese and Stephen Richer, Issues in Canadian Society: An Introduction to Sociology.

Elliott Leyton, Dying Hard: The Rnwges of industrial Crrrnnge.

James C. Hackler, Why Delinquency Prevention Programs in Canada Should Not be Evalyated.

Mark W. Novak, Living and Learning in the Free School.

Jean-Paul Hautecoeur, L'Acadie du discours.

Maria Campbell. Halfbreed.

Henry Zenter. The Indian Identity Crisis.

Louis-Edmond Hamelin. La Nordicité canadienne.

Joel S. Sawshinsky, The Trail of the Hare: Life and Stress in an Arctic Community.

Stewart Crysdai E and Jean-Paul Mont-Miny. Assisted by Henrique Urbano and Les Wheatcroft. La Religion Au Canada: Bi-bliographie annotée & (1945–1970)|Religion in Canada: Annotated Inventory (1945–1972).

John O' Neill. Making Sense Together: An Introduction to Wild Sociology.

Lloyd Axworthy and James M. Gillies (eds.), The City: Canada's Proapects, Canada's Problems.

Alan H. Portigal (ed.). Measuring the Quality of Working Life: A Symposium on Social Indicators of Working Life, Ottawa, March 19 und 20, 1973.

Jacques Grand'Maison, Des milieux de travail á réinventer.

Jacques Grand'Maison, Une tentative autogestion.

Jacques Grand'Maison, Le Prive et le Public.

David P. Shugarman (Ed.) Thinking about change.