Book reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

DANIELGLENDAY, HUBERTGUINDON, and ALLAN TUROWETZ (eds.), Modernization and the Canadian State.

GORDON BOWKER and JOHN CARRIER. Race and Ethnic Relations: Sociological Readings.

JOSEPH F. KRAUTER and MORRIS DAVIS. Minority Canadians: Ethnic Group.

PAT ARMSTRONG and HUGH ARMSTRONG. The Double Ghetto: Canadian Women and Their Segregated Work.

LEROY O. STONE and CLAUDE MARCEAU. Canadian Population Trends and Public Policy Through the 1980's.

KAROL KROTKI (ed.). Developments in Dual System Estimation of Population Size and Growth.

MARTIN RULMER (ed.). Mining and Social Change.

M. SILVERMAN and R.F. SALISBURY. A House Divided.? anthropological Studies of Factionalism: Social and Economic Papers No. 9. Institute of Social and Economic Research.

RENEE G. KASINSKY. Refugees From Militarism: Draft-age Americans in Canada.