Book reviews / Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

Paul Starr, The Social Transformation of American Medicine.

Statistics Canada, Divorce: Law and the family in Canada.

Leonard Thompson and Andrew prior, South African Politics.

Janzen, John m., The Quest for Therapy in Lower Zaire.

Yvan breton et marie-france labrecque, Uagriculture, la peche et I'artisanat au Yucatan.

Virginia kerns, Women and the Ancestors: Black Carib Kinship and Ritual.


Catherine bodard silver, Frederic he Play On Family, Work and Social Change.

PIERRE BIRNBAUM, The Heights of Power

ALAIN TOURAINE, The Voice and the Eye: An analysis of social movements.

FRANK E. MANNING, The Celebration of Society: Perspectives on Contemporary Cultural Performance

MAURICE CUSSON, Why Delinquency? (trans. Dorothy R. Crelinsten). Toronto: University of Toronto Press

RICHARD GRUNEAU, Class, Sports, and Social Development.

Jeffrey c. Alexander, Theoretical Logic in Sociology (vol. 3): The Classical attempt at Theoretical Synthesis: Max Weber.

Craig calhoun, The Question of Class Struggle: Social Foundations of Popular Radicalism during the Industrial Revolution.