Critical Theory and Canadian Sociology: An Introduction


  • *Much of the research on which this essay was based was undertaken as an SSHRC post-doctoral fellow at the UniversitC de MontrCal (1981-83). Since the result reflects personal intellectual debts accumulated over the past decade, specific acknowledgementsare somewhat arbitrary. But I would like to thank the editors of this special issue for having given space to a relatively marginal perspective and Volker Meja and Nico Stehr for having recommended me to succeed them when other commitments intervened. Helpful suggestions have been provided by Ioan Davies, Graham Lowe, Greg Nielsen, John O'Neill and the other contributors to this issue. The section on criminology and law could not have been written without the able assistance of Les Samuelson. A detailed reading of the final draft by Nico Stehr forced a number of stylistic improvements and clarifications. My apologies to those whose work has not been cited due to oversight or constraints of space; the bibliography seeks to be comprehensive but not exhaustive.