Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

GORAN HYDEN, No Shortcuts to Progress: African Development Management in Perspective

KEITH G. BANTING, The Welfare State and Canadian Federalism

K. ISHWARN (ed.), Marriage and Divorce in Canada

LUCIEN LÉVY-BRUHL, Primitive Mythology: The Mythic World of the Australian and Papuan Natives

Brian Elliott says that he was moved to translate Lucien Lévy-Bruhl's La Mythologie primitive

ROBERT J. BRYM and R. JAMES SACOUMAN (eds). Underdevelopment and Social Movements in Atlantic Canada

BERNARD BADIE and PIERRE BIRNBAUM, The Sociology of the State

ANTHONY B. CHAN, Gold Mountain: The Chinese In The New World

HARRY CON, RONALD J. CON, GRAHAM JOHNSON, EDGAR WICKBERG, WILLIAM E. WILLMOTT, From China to Canada: A History of the Chinese Communities in Canada


KATHERINE VERDERY Transylvanian Villagers: Three Centuries of Political, Economic and Ethnic Change

JOHN O'NEILL, For Marx against Althusser and Other Essays

A.W. DJAO, Inequality and Social Policy

VIVIENNE wALTERS, Class Inequality and Health Care

ROB STEVEN, Classes in Contemporary]apan. Cambridge: University Press, 1983

WILLIAM L. RODMAN and DOROTHY AYERS COUNTS (eds.), Middlemen and Brokers in Oceania

EDWARD G. GRABB, Social Inequality: Classical and Contemporary Theorists

ALAN DUNDES, Life is like a Chicken Coop Ladder. A Portrait of German Culture Through Folklore

BRENT FISSE and JOHN BRAITHWAITE The Impact of Publicity on Corporate Offenders