Book reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

JOHN O'NEILL, Five Bodies: The Human Shape of Modern Society.

L. PANITCH and D. SWARTZ, From Consent to Coercion.

B. WHITE, Law, Capitalism and the Right to Work.

MILDA DANYS, Lithuanian Immigration to Canada After the Second World War.

FRED INGLIS, The Management of Ignorance: A political theory of the Curriculum.

AUGUSTINE BRANNIGAN and SHELDON GOLDENBERG (eds.), Social Responses to Technological Change.

GRAHAM s. LOWE and HERBERT c. NORTHCOTT, Under Pressure: A Study of Job Stress.

BRIAN HEAD (ed.), The Politics of Development in Australia.

J.D. HOUSE, The Challenge of Oil: Newfoundland's Quest for Controlled Development.

SEYMOUR MARTIN UPSET, Consensus and Conflict: Essays in Political Sociology.

WILLIAM H. VANDERBURG, The Growth of Minds and Cultures. A United Theory of the Structure of Human Experience.

GABRIEL WEIMANN and CONRAD WINN, Hate on Trial: The Zundel Affair, The Media, and Public Opinion in Canada.

JOHN DE VRIES, Towards a Sociology of Languages in Canada.

RICHARD Y. BOURHIS (ed.), Conflict and Language Planning in Quebec.

SUSAN A. MCDANIEL, Canada's Aging Population.

VICTOR w. MARSHALL (ed.), Later Life: The Social Psychology of Aging.

RANDALL COLLINS, Weberian sociological theory.

ROBERT A. SILVERMAN and JAMES J. TEEVAN, Jr. (eds.), Crime in Canadian Society

KAYLEEN M. HAZELHURST (ed.), justice Programs for Aboriginal and Other Indigenous Communities.

NOEL DYCK (ed.), Indigenous Peoples and the Nation State: ‘Fourth World’ Politics in Canada, Australia and Norway.

GEORGE p. CASTILE (ed.), The Indians of Puget Sound: the Notebooks of Myron Eells.