Book reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

RICHARD F. SALISBURY, A Homeland for the Cree: Regional Development in James Bay 1971–1981.

ANTHONY JACKSON (ed.), Anthropology at Home

FREDERIQUE APFFEL MARGLIN, Wives of the god-king: the rituals of the Devadasis of Puri.

FERNAND DUMONT, sous la direction de, Une société des jeunes?.

ROBERT A. STEBBINS, The Magician: Career, Culture, and Social Psychology in a Variety Art.

PIERRE-ANDRÉ JULIEN et BERNARD MOREL, La belle entreprise: la revanche des PME en Trance et au Québec.

WILLIAM PETERSON and RENEE PETERSON, Dictionary of Demography: Terms, Concepts and Institutions.


ANDREW J. WEIGERT, J. SMITH TEITGE and DENNIS w. TEITGE, Society and Identity: Towards a Sociological Psychology.

BERNARD BARBER, The Logic and Limits of Trust.

ANK KLOMP, Politics on Bonaire: An Anthropological Study.

JOYCE ROTHSCHILD and J. ALLEN WHiTT, The Cooperative Workplace.

MEIVYN DUBROFSKY (ed.), Technological Change and Workers' Movements.

SONDRA FARGANIS, The Social Reconstruction of the Feminine Character.

VOLKA MEJA, DIETER MISGELD, and NICO STEHR (eds.), Modern German Sociology.

TIM INGOLD, Evolution and Social Life.

CHAD GAFHELD, Language, Schooling, and Cultural Conflict: the Origins of the French-Language Controversy in Ontario.