Book reviews/Comptes rendus


  • Roxana NG The Politics of Community Services.,

  • Dorothy E. Smith The Everyday World as Problematic: A Feminist Sociology,

  • Stephen G. Peitchinis Women at Work: Discrimination and Response


Lisa Gilad, Ginger and Salt: Yemeni Jewish Women in an Israeli Town. Boulder

D.W. Attwood and B.S. Baviskar (eds.), Who Shares? Co-operatives and Rural Development

Francis Robinson (ed.), The Cambridge Encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and The Maldives

Richard C. Davis (ed.), Rupert's Land: A Cultural Tapestry

Tom Bottomore and Robert J. Brym (eds.), The Capitalist Class: An International Study

Raymond Murphy, Social Closure: A theory of Monopolization and Exclusion

Richard Flacks, Making History.

Kevin D. Carriere and Richard V. Ericson, Crime Stoppers: A Study in the Organization of Community Policing.

Dany Lacombe, Ideology and Public Policy: The Case Against Pornography

Robert J. Brym with Bonnie J. Fox, From Culture to Power: The Sociology of English Canada.

Barry Wellman and S.D. Berkowitz (eds.), Social Structures: a network approach

John Van Willigen, Barbara Rylko-Bauer, and Ann Mcelroy (eds.), Making Our Research Useful

Grahame Clark, Prehistory at Cambridge and beyond

Theresa R. Richardson, The Century of the Child: The Mental Hygiene Movement and Social Policy in the United States and Canada

Anne Edwards, Regulation and Repression: The Study of Social Control

Michael V. Angrosino, Documents of Interaction: Biography, Autobiography, and Life History in Social Science Perspective

Michael Hechter, Principles of Group Solidarity

Partrick Kierans, Glenn Drover and David Williams, Welfare and Worker Participation

Mary Mccannery Gergen (ed.), Feminist Thought and the Structure of Knowledge

Richard V. Ericson, Patricia M. Baranek and Janet B.L. Chan, Visualizing Deviance: A Study of New Organizations

Sheila Allen and Carol Wolkowitz, Homeworking: Myths and Realities

Calvin W. Redekop and Samuel J. Steiner (eds.), Mennonite Identity: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Robert A. Stebbins, Canadian Football: The View From The Helmet

Anne Innis Dagg and Patricia J. Thompson, MisEducation: Women & Canadian Universities

Cyril H. Levitt and William Shaffir, The Riots at Christie Pits