Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

Development of Class Structure in Eastern Europe: Poland and Her Southern Neighbours

Killing Time, Losing Ground: Experiences of the Unemployed

Becoming an EX: The Process of Role Exit

Uncommon Property: The Fishing and Fish-Processing Industries in British Columbia

Max Weber and his Contemporaries

Workers, Capital, and the State in British Columbia: Selected Papers

Rural Canada: Structure and Change

Sociology and Scientism - The American Quest for Objectivity, 1880–1940

Land and Community: Crisis in Canada's Countryside

Women and Education: A Canadian Perspective

Genocide and the Modern Age: Etiology and Case Studies of Mass Death

State and Society: Canada in Comparative Perspective, vol. 31, pp. 130, $12.95 and The State and Economic Interests, vol. 32, pp. 335, $20.95. In the Collected Research Studies of the Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Prospects for Canada

The University Means BUSINESS. Universities, Corporations and Academic Work

Ethnic Groups in Canada. Scarborough: Nelson Canada, 1989. Preface, Introduction, 310 pp. plus bibliography and index

Sport, Leisure and Social Relations

Fractured Focus: Sport As A Reflection of Society

Max Weber, Rationality and Modernity

Ethnic Studies in Chicago, 1905-45