Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

KAY ALMERE READ, Time and Sacrifice in the Aztec Cosmos.

DARA CULHANE, The Pleasure of the Crown: Anthropology, Law and First Nations.

JOHN D. EARLY and THOMAS N. HEADLAND, Population Dynamics of a Philippine Rain Forest People: The San Ildefonso Agta.

JOHN EDWARDS (ed.), Language in Canada.

JANET L. FINN, Tracing the Veins. Of Copper, Culture, and Community from Butte to Chuquicamata.

GRAHAM HARVEY, Contemporary Paganism: Listening People, Speaking Earth.

JOANNE PEARSON and RICHARD ROBERTS with GEOFFREY SAMUEL, Nature Religion Today: Paganism in the Modern World.

JENNIFER KELLY, Under the Gaze: Learning to Be Black in White Society.

GARY KINSMAN, The Regulation of Desire: Homo and Hetero Sexualities.

EDGAR-ANDRÉ MONTIGNY, Foisted upon the Government? State Responsibilities, Family Obligations and the Care of the Dependent Aged in Late Nineteenth-century Ontario.

BOB MULLALY, Structural Social Work: Ideology, Theory, and Practice.

LYNN RAPAPORT, Jews in Germany after the Holocaust: Memory, Identity, and Jewish-German Relations.

JONATHAN SALISBURY and DAVID JACKSON, Challenging Macho Values: Practical Ways of Working with Adolescent Boys.

WOLFGANG SCHLUCHTER, Paradoxes of Modernity.

THOMAS SCHWEIZER and DOUGLAS R. WHITE (eds.), Kinship, Networks, and Exchange

PAUL M. SNIDERMAN, JOSEPH F. FLETCHER, PETER H. RUSSELL and PHILIP E. TETLOCK, The Clash of Rights: Liberty, Equality and Legitimacy in Pluralist Democracy.