Book Reviews/Comptes rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

CHILLA BULBECK, Re-orienting Western Feminisms: Women's Diversity in a Postcolonial World.

RICHARD N. JULIANI, Building Little Italy: Philadelphia's Italians before Mass Migration.

JOEL KUIPERS, Language, Identity, and Marginality in Indonesia: The Changing Nature of Ritual Speech on the Island of Sumba

JOHN MACDONALD, The Arctic Sky: Inuit Astronomy, Star Lore, and Legend

STEPHANIE MOSER, Ancestral Images: The Iconography of Human Origins

DAVID RAYSIDE, On the Fringe, Gays and Lesbians in Politics

RICHARD H. ROBBINS, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism

SHERRY SAGGERS and DENNIS GRAY, Dealing with Alcohol. Indigenous Usage in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

BRUCE ZIFF and PRATIMA V. RAO (eds.), Borrowed Power: Essays on Cultural Appropriation.