Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

BARRY D. ADAM and ALAN SEARS, Experiencing HIV: Personal, Family and Work Relationships.

MARY LOUISE ADAMS, The Trouble with Normal: Postwar Youth and the Making of Heterosexuality.

RICHARD ALTSCHULER (ed.), The Living Legacy of Marx, Durkheim & Weber: Applications and Analyses of Classical Sociological Theory by Modern Social Scientists.

ABIGAIL BAKAN and DAIVA STASIULIS (eds.), Not One of the Family: Foreign Domestic Workers in Canada.

JON CAULFIELD and LINDA PEAKE (eds.), City Lives and City Forms: Critical Research and Canadian Urbanism.

Patricia M. Evans and GerdA R. Wekerle (eds.), Women and the Canadian Welfare State: Challenges and Change.

BENT FLYVBJERG, Power and Rationality: Democracy in Practice.

J. BARRY GURDIN, Amidé I Friendship: An Investigation into Cross-Cultural Styles in Canada and the United States.

ROBERTA HAMILTON, Gendering the Vertical Mosaic: Feminist Perspectives on Canadian Society.

THOMAS M. McKENNA, Muslim Rulers and Rebels: Everyday Politics and Armed Separatism in the Southern Philippines.

ANDY MERRIFIELD and ERIK SWYNGEDOUW (eds.), The Urbanization of Injustice.

ROD MICHALKO, The Mystery of the Eye and the Shadow of Blindness.

RICHARD MORRIS, Sinners, Lovers, and Heroes: An Essay on Memorializing in Three American Cultures.

DIANE SINGERMAN and HOMAHOODFAR(eds.),Deuelopment Change and Gender in Cairo: A View from the Household.

LESLIE PAUL THIELE, Thinking Politics: Perspectives in Ancient, Modern and Postmodern Political Theory.