Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus


Book reviewed in this article:

STUART ALLAN, BARBARA ADAM and CYNTHIA CARTER (eds.), Environmental Risks and the Media.

ALLAN BARNARD, History and Theory in Anthropology.

SUSAN C. BOYD, Mothers and Illicit Drugs: Transcending the Myths.

MARIS BOYD GILLETTE, Between Mecca and Beijing: Modernization and Consumption among Urban Chinese Muslims.

VEENA DAS, DIPANKAR GUPTA and PATRICIA UBEROI (eds.), Tradition, Pluralism and Identity.

ROY DILLEY (ed.), The Problem of Context.

WILLIAM W. FITZHUGH and CHISATO O. DUBEEUIL (eds.), Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People.

JUNE HELM, The People of Denendeh: Ethnohistory of the Indians of Canada's Northwest Territories. Montreal and Kingston

MICHAEL JACKSON, At Home in the World.

JOSEPH A. KUYPERS, Men and Power.

APARNA RAO, Autonomy: Life Cycle, Gender and Status among Himalayan Pastoralists.

L.A. REBHUN, The Heart Is Unknown Country: Love in the Changing Economy of Northeast Brazil.

REBECCA REICHMANN (ed.), Race in Contemporary Brazil: From Indifference to Inequality.

DAVID BARONOV, The Abolition of Slavery in Brazil: The “Liberation” of Africans through the Emancipation of Capital.

LINDA J. SELIGMANN (ed.), Women Traders in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Mediating Identities, Marketing Wares.