The Geneticization of Aboriginal Diabetes and Obesity: Adding Another Scene to the Story of the Thrifty Gene


  • *I respectfully acknowledge Flora Fiddler and Albert Fiddler of Waterhen Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan, whose teachings embody the substance and spirit of these ideas. I am grateful to Annette Burfoot, who supported the many iterations of this work and also to Abby Lippman, whose comments about fundamental ideas were very insightful. Very special thanks are extended to Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Bernard Schissel, Zaheer Baber, John Lester, Wendy Sharpe and Kelly Chessie for their insightful comments and vigorous editorial assistance. Also, thanks to anonymous referees for their very helpful and supportive reviews. This manuscript was first submitted in January 2006, resubmitted in revised form in June 2006 and accepted in January 2007. Contact: