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In Conversation with the American Sociological Association President: Randall Collins on Emotions, Violence, and Interactionist Sociology


Thanks to Nicolas Carrier and Justin Piché for help with the translation. Kevin Walby, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, B750 Loeb Building, Carleton University,1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6. E-mail:


Randall Collins est professeur de sociologie à l'University of Pennsylvania et Président de l'American Sociological Association. Dans cette entrevue, R. Collins parle de la sociologie des émotions, de la tradition interactionniste ainsi que de la violence. L'entrevue permet de situer les contributions de Collins dans le développement contemporain de la sociologie critique et la microsociologie interactionniste.

Randall Collins is Professor of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and is the President of the American Sociological Association. In the following interview, Collins discusses the sociology of emotions, the interactionist tradition, and violence. The discussion situates Collins' contributions as part of an intellectual trajectory that incorporates elements of critical sociology and the micro-sociology of interaction.

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