• Attitudes;
  • Older people;
  • Renal;
  • Nursing


Background: Previous studies have indicated that healthcare providers do not enjoy taking care of older people, because of poor attitudes towards the elderly.

Aim: The purpose of this cross-sectional study is to identify and describe the attitudes of a worldwide sample of renal nurses towards older people.

Method: A convenience sample composed of renal nurses worldwide completed a socio-demographic questionnaire and the Kogan's Attitude towards Old People Scale (KOAP).

Results: We received 1,061 completed questionnaires from nurses in 12 countries. Participants were mainly female (81%), their average age being 42.69 (SD ± 8.70); 74% of nurses had older people in their families and 51% had lived with older people. The sample reported slightly positive attitudes towards the elderly [mean score (±SD) = 151.50 (±17.9)]. Attitudes were influenced by continent, country, religion, presence of older people in the family and level of nursing education (p < 0.0001).

Conclusion: Our study has shown that renal nurses have slightly positive attitudes towards older people but attitudes could be improved with specific information being provided to renal nurses, to obtain better care.